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Personal Logo Design

I was inspired by the concept of ligature and aimed to use it in my own personal logo design. The name I normally use to represent myself only consists of the two letters (K and J) and I decided to take advantage of having a simple name. I would like my logo to be somewhat abstract while retaining legibility and simplicity.

Initial sketches

As the above image shows, I first came up with several designs using ligature in different ways. I had the strongest feeling for the leftmost one, the boldest approach among the four.

The letters K and J written in Menlo font

While I was searching for sample fonts as a reference, I found Menlo font most intriguing one, for its simple and bold execution. However, I visioned my logo to be only composed of straight lines without any curvatures. Keeping these goals in my mind, I jumped into Photoshop and started designing. I heavily relied on a pen tool to shape a basic structure and to create a small path to make an edit.

I was mostly satisfied with the first design but I felt something is off in terms of the proportion.

Therefore, I made some changes and finally settled down with the third one. The images below show my logo against different backgrounds.

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