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  • KJ Ha

Designing Poster/Postcard

This year is the 40th anniversary of ITP, the institution started from Red Burns' vision. There was not much that I know about Red Burns until I came to ITP; however, the book, filled with her quotes, has been inspiring me ever since it was given to me in the first Applications class. I decided to create a poster to commemorate her and while I was searching for the picture, I encountered a marvelous image of Red from Cooper Hewitt (


Looking through several poster designs for inspiration, I found myself more attracted to simpler posters than elaborate ones. In terms of the stylistic choice, I wanted to achieve a vintage feel of polaroid photography. While maintaining simplicity, I aimed to make the most out of a grid system. One of the challenges that I faced was the arrangement of the components. Arranging those components in a visually pleasing way was a lot difficult than I initially expected it to be. Since there is a small number of elements, each of them has a stronger presence and the position matters greatly.

Design Revised

I used photoshop and created them in CMYK mode. For an easy transfer of the image, I used the masking technique. The font used in the design is Gotham HTF and Gotham Black. I chose to have this font because it is the font representing NYU. I tried several designs in the process and the below image is one of them. The gray margins around the images are only for the demarcating purpose.


Underlying grid system

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