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Week 2

Part 1 - Redesign an airline boarding pass

Part 2 - Create 3 expressive words.

Original sketch.


I got an idea for this expressive word while I was watching my friend eating ramen. Ramen is traditionally eaten using chopsticks and it often has curly noodles. I tried to highlight such visual features of the ramen in the design.


I first wanted to create an expressive word using 'Sleep'; however, soon I realized that it might be too common. I finally chose the word 'Nap' instead and tried to come up with the objects that are reminiscent of sleep: the letter Zs, classic nightcap, and closed eye.


I created this sketch imagining the night at the campsite. Late at night, a crescent moon rises and campers are safely sleeping in the tents. Unlike the above two sketches, I wanted to explore how color affects the meaning of words. I used black as a background color to express the scenery of the night.

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