• KJ Ha

Mooncake Hunter

Mooncake Hunter is an interactive game using ML5.js PoseNet and P5.js. The rules of the game are straightforward and simple.

As the game starts, forty mooncakes will be generated at random positions on the screen. The default number is forty; however, the user has the freedom to choose the difficulty of the game, by moving a slider on the top left corner and then hitting the 'restart' button. The slider controls the number of mooncakes to be generated ranging from 10 to 65.

In this game, PoseNet is used to track the user's nose position. The user's nose turns into a fork, which serves as a tool to hunt for mooncakes. If the distance between the fork and mooncakes is close enough, the nearest mooncakes will be disappeared.

If there are no more mooncakes left on the screen, the user will get a "congratulations" message.

Link to LiveApp - https://mooncake-hunter.glitch.me

Demo video