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ML4Web - Assignment 9

Conversation Generator

I trained my own model using the basic generative text model on the Runway website.

I took Topical-Chat dataset as a source and created a new dataset only composed of the messages. Topical-Chat is a knowledge-grounded human-human conversation dataset where the underlying knowledge spans 8 broad topics and conversation partners don’t have explicitly defined roles.

Original dataset example:

Preprocessed dataset example:

Training setting:

My motivation was to create a model that functions as a chatbot; however, the conversation didn't go as smoothly as I expected. It might be because of the nature of the original dataset, which consists of a set of conversations about very specific topics. Many topics, such as NFL games or football, weren't familiar to me to keep the conversation going. If I trained the model on a more general conversational dataset, I might get better results.

After I hosted the model over HTTP, I used p5.js sketch to design the interface.

(Since I haven't made the model public, it won't be visible to others besides myself.)


Demo video


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