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Designing Meaningful Interactions –week 03

1. Problem Statement

Lisa K. :

If only there was a better way to give away the food, then Lisa could reduce the amount of food waste which would make her feel less guilty of ruining our environment. With our app, there is a clear opportunity to meaningfully impact a huge number of people.

Caleb J. :

The main problem Caleb faces is that he sometimes buys the food products that don’t suit his palette, which makes him feel unwilling to finish them. Today, he does not have a solid solution to deal with the leftovers; of course, he complains about the amount of money he wasted on unwanted food products. If he keeps this habit, the problem will only get worse over time.

2. Storyboard

3. Competitive research

Food for All is an app that connects customers to restaurants one hour before they close, for meal discounts. It’s goal is to eliminate last-minute restaurant food waste in Boston and New York City. Customers can enter their location and find the nearby restaurants that provide meal discounts, and they pick up their order at a specific time by the restaurant. Also, users can donate money and food to help the people in need through this app.

Currently available in the Greater Pittsburgh Region, Food Rescue Hero is a technology platform first released in November 2016. It provides a simple, intuitive tool for their network volunteers who transport food from our food donors to our nonprofit partners. Once a match between a food donation and a nonprofit who would like to receive it is made, the app alerts volunteers of the available “rescue.” The app guides the volunteers through the rescue, provides built-in navigation, delivery verification, and social media tools, so volunteers can easily complete their rescue and help spread the word. The organization has redistributed over 3 million pounds of food through the use of Food Rescue Hero.

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