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Designing Meaningful Interactions –week 04

Stacy and I have decided to shift our focus to our own community where the basic trust has already been built. Our motivation remains the same: develop an interface for active food sharing to reduce the amount of leftover food we produce.

Our project will constitute of two parts: refrigerators throughout the NYU campus and the app to register/claim the food inside the fridge.

Donors who desire to share their food first need to register the item on the app. After their food is registered, they can go to the refrigerator, which they selected and put the item inside. The refrigerator can only be opened by tapping the ID card on the card reader and only for the people who registered or claimed the items; thus it will make it much easier to keep track of the items inside and remove some potential pain points.

Recipients can search available food on the app. They can like the items as if they build a shopping cart and can claim the food or even ask more information through the chat system. After they claimed the food, they can go to the fridge and tap their ID card. A small screen installed above the card reader will show the image of the food they claimed letting them know what item they should pick up.

Mood board

New User Flow

Lo-Fi Prototype

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