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Week 1

PART 1 - Stop Motion Animation

Partner: Siyuan Zan


In the process of getting along with others, due to differences in personality, it is difficult for people to encounter a real soulmate. In most cases, when we get along with others, we will inevitably encounter personality inconsistencies. In the beginning, they tried to communicate with each other. In the process of getting along, one or both parties tried to tolerate, and then there was a contradiction, a quarrel, and a broken relationship.

We use a yellow ball and blue cube to represent two people with different personalities. The yellow one is more outgoing and active, but the blue one is quieter and heavier. We create a 30-second animation to show two different personality people, from the beginning to the end of the process of relationship breakdown.



We used two different colors of clay in the project. As the picture above is shown, different piles of clay that are in various shapes are used to create an illusion of sequential movement.


PART 2 - Reflection on the readings / viewings

I was first impressed by the fact that the book took a form of a comics book as a literary medium. Having such a form, the book is easy to grasp and highly approachable. I particularly enjoyed reading about various devices and strategies used in comics, about the concept of closure in comics for instance. Closure in comics highlights readers' ability to interpret the events that invisibly occur between individual panels. The concept is not only used in comics but also in general areas revealing a human tendency to fill in the gaps of what they observe. For instance, when we are watching a stop motion animation, such a tendency helps us to follow the video. We merely see a series of individual images but we perceive a sequential movement. Overall, I believe the book can be a great help for people like me who barely have any background in the history or aesthetics of comics to dive into the world of comics.


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