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Reflection, Synopsis, and Storyboard

A belief reflection on the sound walk work

For the sound walk assignment, all of my group members, including myself, happened to be international students from outside New York. At that time, we were trying our best to adjust to the new city. I think the circumstances we shared led us to create a piece to reveal what we think and how we feel about the new city at the very moment. Therefore, it was natural for us to have a goal to focus on such sentiments rather than just to mix random sound effects to create a seemingly experimental piece.

Our very first conversation started with the complaints about the noise from the construction site right outside the building. Two other teammates had very similar attitudes toward noises, the noises that are prevalent throughout New York City. The city noise apparently had affected them negatively, making them anxious and insecure. Before then, I had never given much thought into the noises. It was very easy for me to ignore them since I always wore earbuds on the streets or anywhere outside my apartment. However, when I faced, after a long time, all the noised with my bare ears, the world came to me a little bit differently. I could not ignore the piercing presence of the noise anymore. The only thing that changed was whether I was wearing earbuds or not. After such experience, I was able to truly see that even if people are in the same situation or do the same thing, their experience could be entirely different from one another's. Due to the subjective nature of experience, it is impossible for everyone to feel and experience the same way; the assignment allows me a chance to think about other approaches or applications at least to make the experience more accessible and therefore can appeal to a wider audience.

Second Assignment

KJ Ha, Sarah Liriano, Lu lyu


We want to create an infomercial about a sleeping service that focuses on removing the obstacles people have for sleeping. The service is called Bed Warmers and these are people who come when called and do all sorts of things to get you to sleep. They’ll lie in your bed to warm it, they’ll sing lullabies and remove noise sources, etc. This service is incredibly fast and effective. We want to make it as exaggerated and ridiculous as possible.


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