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Reflection: Second Assignment

Group member: KJ Ha, Sarah Liriano, Lu Lyu

The idea of human bed warmer was based on the existing service in Russia. We came up with several great ideas but we chose this particular idea because of its comical quality and feasibility concerning limited time and resources.

Since we were all new to filming with the DSLR, we had to figure out all the steps from adjusting the tripod to familiarizing ourselves with the software. Filming with the DSLR was a little challenge for us especially when we tried to alter the focus or set the camera in different light conditions. The most challenging part was to achieve a unified feeling throughout the film.

For editing, we first considered splitting the video into multiple sections and have those sections be assigned to each of us; however, we came to the conclusion that we can all benefit from editing together using a single computer. This process allowed our communication to be more effective and smooth.

From the beginning, we had the same goal of creating humorous content, keeping a lighthearted quality of the infomercial. This goal was well reflected in our video and voiceover and this shared goal propelled us to complete the assignment.

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