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Nature of Code: Final Proposal

Link to video recording:

For the final, I would like to continue working on the mid-semester exercise. (link to mid-semester exercise:

I really appreciate Ellen's feedback, which suggested its resemblance to the game, Hangman.

I've always been interested in the power of entertainment and games, and I believe it will be a good opportunity to create another interesting interface enjoyed by a large audience.

Previously, I was mostly concerned with the design elements--color, arrangement, shape, etc. For this time, I'd like to spend more time refining the project to be a solid game with multiple stages, the limit on the number of trials, and the advanced scoring option.

The audience of this project would be children or any adult who loves to play with words. Additional research will be necessary, especially on the words often used in those word games and the game design in general.

Live Sketch of the Mid-Semester Exercise

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