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MFA: Week 5 Assignment

Make a "fire-escape" type of a map with instructions as a sequence of matrices. Make a sign that gives instructions for how to get from one place to another place in ITP. Present the matrices in two ways: a sequence of transform matrices, and one composition matrix that represents it all. The units are in human-steps.

Map: Walking from women's restroom to the leftmost vending machine. (I marked north just for convenience purposes.)

I found this website, which I used for the above calculation. I'm not too sure if this is a good fit for this week's assignment but I found this website very intuitive.

Calculating displacement between the origin (women's restroom) and point d (position of the vending machine).

Displacement: 31. 33 steps

Distance: 37 steps (4+22+6+5)

The final magnitude calculated by the above website (31.39) and calculation on the final displacement (31.33) are similar. I assume my calculations were right.


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