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Listening Machines - Assignment 1

Among the seven videos, I found the second one (Crystal by George & Jonathan) the easiest to understand in terms of digital synesthesia. It may not be the most creative piece but undoubtedly it presents a very straightforward association between auditory and visual stimuli. Even with my unfamiliarity with the subject or with the sound art generally, I can see how pitch, duration, dynamics of the note are related to their visual counterparts.

Another factor that helps the audience to understand what is going in the piece is its temporal procession--each line moving from left to right. This way of visualizing sound is somewhat traditional, allowing the audience to easily follow the progressions of both visual and auditory stimuli. Piano Form by Jesse Woolston, on the other hand, takes a different approach to interpreting sound flow, considering sound as an entity that moves vertically, from bottom to top. Since it maintains a consistent directionality, this untraditional interpretation does not much hinder the audience to understand the piece but gives a unique feeling to it.


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