• KJ Ha

Interactive Playback

Partner: Julie Lizardo

Link to the editor: https://editor.p5js.org/JLizardo019/sketches/QbhzJeyds

Our initial idea was to build a sketch that allows users to create a music sequence by connecting rectangles. However, we found out that it is difficult to have complete control over the duration and sequence of the music that is playing. Having no control over those, the end result did not sound harmonious or anything like music. The trial code can be found here: https://editor.p5js.org/kh1785/sketches/d-BRN6Ci1 .

We later decided to create a different module that can create some sort of a music sequence by moving rectangles. There is a line continuously flowing from left to right and when it touches the rectangle, the sound assigned to each rectangle is played. While we were playing with different functions to control the movement of rectangles, we face another issue. The issue was when those rectangles overlap with each other, one of them automatically disappears. The solution for such behavior was making them objects.

Declaring a class

Controlling overlapping behavior.

I created the trial code and established the foundation of the class. Julie built on top of it and also debugged the disappearance caused by overlapping. The sounds used in the sketch are "Drums", "Yeah Uh", "Clash", "Bass", and "Beat Box" sounds and all the files were downloaded from http://freesound.org .