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Final Proposal

For the final project, I would like to develop a chatbot assignment further, adding more functionalities to it. Previously, I created a simple Discord bot where the text input is being translated into emoji letters. I was glad to see the positive feedback from the last critique and encouraged to continue the project. The additional functionality I would like to add is a translation of text input into corresponding emoji output (e.g. text input "apple" will return an output 🍎 / 🍏 , or "love" ⇒ ❤️ / 💕) and applying this functionality not just to a single word but to a longer sentence (e.g. I love dogs ⇒ 😀❤️🐶).

chatbot assignment

Having the importance of entertainment in mind, even if it's a small joyful event, my primary goal of the project is to give the user a small surprise by creating a tool to transform the text into other visual and graphic formats that can lower the bar of communication.

Since I'm not familiar with developing a chatbot, it's highly likely that I will be encountering many technical problems. The major question I have now is whether there are other approaches to the text-to-emoji translator. Should it be in the form of a chatbot or a web app would be a better approach?


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