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Critical Communications - Week 2 Assignment

For this week’s assignment, I chose to look into two different locations, Interlochen(MI , 49643) and Downtown Brooklyn(NY, 11201). I particularly chose Interlochen, a small township in Michigan, since I had spent my high school years there. Soon after, I realized that there are not that many, very scrollable list of, frequencies in Interlochen or even in larger Grand Traverse County. In order to make sure if this is a unique feature of this specific location, I decided to compare this with the situation in Downtown Brooklyn.

Besides the numbers of total frequencies, one of the distinctive differences between two locations is that unlike Downtown Brooklyn where a great portion of frequencies is occupied by police (NYPD), in Grand Traverse County there are only two descriptions that have a police tag. This result is not surprising since Grand Traverse County is much less eventful and safer compared to Downtown Brooklyn; therefore, the demand for public safety or security is relatively low.

Another random feature that I realized is that the names of the category representing schools are diverse: Education, Schools, and Colleges. Among schools, Stuyvesant High School in Manhattan, NY has the largest number of frequencies making me wonder what is special about their system; however, I was not able to access the information on their license.

Overall, the number of frequencies would be a good indicator of the complexity or demographics of the specific locations.


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