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Color Interaction

This week's sketch was inspired by the two artists: James Turrel and Josef Albers. Both artists showed how gullible our perception is and they created artworks that transcend the ordinary perception of the world. We may hesitantly believe that our sight is a quiet reliable agency; however, such belief will easily be discouraged. I focused on the interaction of the colors rather than the colors themselves. To accomplish the sketch, I referred to some examples from “Interaction of Color” by Albers and used the trial and error method to figure out the right colors for an interaction.

Examples from the sketch.

hue1, hue2, hue3, and hue4 are the arrays of colors (RGB values) that will be used in the sketch. As the code that is shown below, hue1 and hue2 determine the colors of the larger rectangles and hue3 and hue4 determine the colors of the smaller rectangles.

If the up arrow key is pressed, the value of the variable i increases by 1. When the value is equal to 5, the value is set back to 0.


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