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BioDesign Week 02

Humans have various forms and ways of communication ranging from written or spoken words to facial expression and body language. One of the distinct features in the human communication system is probably the use of language. However, we sometimes overlook the importance of other ways of communication due to the convenience that language offers us.

Plants, sometimes neglected by their quiet nature, have far more diverse ways of communication than humans: ultrasound, scent, vibration, roots, and mycelium. Although the readings on plant communication are indeed interesting and eye-opening, I found some difficulties to be in their shoes and to apply their communication methods to what applicable to humans.

The biology or science that I would like to use in my future project is ultrasound or mycelium, which is also used by snails as a way of communication. The result that I would like to achieve is to make the invisible or inaudible visible/audible and to devise a new way of communication or a new way to think about communication.

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