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After Effects Final

Partners: Oliver-Rose Truxillo, Zhoujian Sheng

The feedback from the last week was especially helpful to me. I decided to make my animation more cinematic in terms of camera work and storyline. Since my animation previously did not really have a 3D element, I added a 3D camera and turned all existing clips 3D layers. Then I was able to use the 3D camera, changing its position and using zoom in/out to create more dynamic scenes. Besides the advice on the camera work, one of the feedbacks was that my character lacks flavor or unique characteristics compared to other characters appearing in the animation. For the last scene, I added a new, somewhat unexpected character to bring a little wit to the storyline.

I also created an asset for the very last scene of our animation. In the elevator, all of the characters finally unite and the animation comes to an end. Lastly we, Oliver-Rose, Sheng, and I, named our animation "Good Morning Neighbors".


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